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The importance of finding a cabinet brand with that just-right fit.

There's a key difference between planning a kitchen for new construction, and planning a kitchen remodel: With new construction, you have varying degrees of leeway in making the space fit what you want. In the remodel, what you want has to fit the space you already have. So when you choose a brand of cabinetry for your remodel, make sure that brand offers complete and affordable customization options. Showplace does.

You might assume that any cabinetry brand will fit your space -- until you actually start looking into the details. "Stock" cabinetry brands, like you'll usually find at home centers, can force you to select from predefined dimensional increments. And if those fixed increments don't fit the realities of your unique're out of luck.

You might assume that any cabinetry brand will fit your spac

Showplace is not a "stock" brand.

Each Showplace cabinet is made-to-order to fit your needs, and most sizes can be specified down to the sixteenth inch (with just a few exceptions). This customization means you have the freedom to make your remodel vision fit the fixed dimensions of your home.


Showplace customization is priced realistically.

Unlike many other semi-custom brands, Showplace does not look at modifications as an opportunity to tack on excessive additional charges. And unlike true custom brands, Showplace cabinetry is moderately priced across the entire product line.

Showplace does not look at modifications as an opportunity to tack on excessive additional charges

The other important element in choosing a brand for your remodel is the depth and breadth of choices offered. Very often, cabinetry for a remodel will need to coordinate with other elements in the home. Perhaps it's the wood and finish of existing millwork and trim. Or maybe it's a treasured heirloom that is inspiring a new decor theme. But whatever it is, you need an extensive palette of choices in woods, styles, finishes and sheens to achieve the goal.

Showplace offers just that. If you haven't done so already, spend some time browsing this site. Look at all the wood choices, all the finish choices, all the door styles and all the specialty offerings in the Showplace roster. Imagine how these options can be selected and combined in your remodel. Browse the Gallery to see almost limitless variety in personal expression. And talk to a Showplace dealer to learn about possibilities you haven't even imagined yet. We think you'll find that Showplace is the right fit in every way.

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