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An important investment in time and money.
We won't kid you – remodeling a kitchen can be expensive. The good news is that, historically, money spent upgrading a kitchen is often returned at resale time. But that doesn't mean value isn't a concern. Like anything else, you need to prudently balance the cost of your remodel with the overall value of your home. And you're in the right place for that. You'll find Showplace cabinetry gives you all the choices and features you want, without demanding out-of-this-world budgets.

In today's market, many people are spending more years in a home than they had planned. Updating a kitchen, bath or entertainment area is a great way to make a lived-in home feel like new.

Talk to your Showplace dealer about costs, timeframes, and other things you need to know to make good decisions. You can also get a more detailed look at the remodel process in the Planning Guide section of our WORKBOOK. Click the icon at right to get yours now.
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About kitchen costs: The cost of a kitchen remodeling job will vary over a wide range, based on several factors: Cherry costs more than Oak. Specialty finishes cost more than standard stains. Accessories and fashion elements add cost. Appliance costs and quality span a wide range. Solid-surface counter tops cost more than laminate. And so on...

The only way to get even a ballpark estimate is to sit down with your Showplace dealer and talk about your space, your needs, and what you want the end result to be.

And of course, another very important factor in the cost of cabinetry is the quality of the cabinetry. For details about Showplace lifetime-warranty materials and craftsmanship, visit the page or watch the video. For a lot more information about remodeling, click here.
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