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The simple answer is yes. And no.
If you're remodeling a kitchen or bath, it is a big, complex job. Not only do you need a source for cabinetry (like us, for instance), but lots of other work has to get done too, including plumbing, electrical, counter tops, and perhaps tile, flooring and more, depending upon the scope of the project. And of course, you'll need someone to design it all for you, and manage the project.

Now here's where it gets less complicated: Rely on a Showplace cabinetry dealer. They can help you make good choices, create a design, and oversee the process from beginning to completion. It's still going to be a really big job, but with Showplace, you'll have a real pro on your side.

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About new construction: If you are building a new home, the process can be very different. Your contractor may have an allowance built into the home's cost for cabinetry, but outsource the actual work to a cabinetry dealer (which you can influence). Other contractors will want to do the work themselves, and have preexisting sources for cabinetry. These factors set the boundaries of your new project, so talk to your contractor before you spend a lot of time shopping.

About remodeling: To get a great overview of the remodeling process, start here. To learn about Showplace Renew refacing options, go here.

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