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Don't worry. You'll have lots of help.
Kitchen design is both an art and a science. There's a lot of thought behind what goes where, how and why. Making it all fit together in a beautiful and functional package is a demanding task that people spend years mastering.

Your Showplace dealer will have trained, creative designers to help you make the most of your space. They can also help you navigate the maze of options that includes appliances, counter tops, flooring, lighting, backsplashes, and more. And they'll know about all the best ways to make smart use of space, and how to really dress up your creation.
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About kitchen design: The layout of your kitchen is largely dictated by the space you have to work with. The most common layouts are L-shaped or U-shaped. Either layout can include an island in the center that offers extra space for food preparation, cooking, or casual dining. Smaller kitchens may be laid out with two parallel rows of cabinets facing each other. This is called a "galley" kitchen. To view a lot of different kitchen layouts, browse the photographs in the Showplace Gallery.

Today's appliance choices are virtually endless. For cooking, you can choose gas, electric or convection. You can design around a cooktop with wall oven(s), or a freestanding range. You can build in microwave/convection ovens, warming drawers, and even commercial-grade grills. The choices in counter tops, backslpashes, lighting, flooring, and a hundred other details are equally vast. We won't try to address them here. Your Showplace dealer will have lots of choices and good ideas to show you. Make use of their expertise.

For a lot more information about remodeling visit Remodel Central. To learn a lot via video, start in the Showplace Academy.
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