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Important considerations...

By its nature, wood is a porous material. It will absorb and release moisture with changes in temperature and humidity. This leads to expansion and contraction of the wood, a natural characteristic of a natural material.

With overlay construction, this usually does not cause functional issues. Since overlay doors and headers are not inside an opening, they can expand or contract without functional problems. This changes with inset construction, where doors and headers fit precisely inside an opening. It's easy to see that the natural swelling and contraction of wood can cause binding or sticking. The door or header can only expand so far within its frame opening. In extreme cases, an inset door or drawer may even fail to fully close due to dimensional changes over time.

In most areas, this is not a concern. Average homes are not subjected to swings in interior temperature and humidity that are severe enough to cause problems. But if your home's interior will see extreme swings over time, inset cabinetry may not be a good choice, from Showplace or any other brand. Talk to your Showplace designer about this important consideration before selecting an inset style.

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