Understanding a door style's overlay
Most Showplace door styles are offered in two overlays, called Traditional and International+. A few door styles are offered in International+ only. But what does this mean to you? Read on…
Showplace overlays
"Overlay" (sometimes called "reveal") refers to the amount of cabinet face frame that is covered by the doors and drawer headers. International+ overlay doors and headers are larger, covering more of the frame. The result is a sleeker, tighter look. Traditional overlay doors and headers are smaller, revealing more of the frame. Since the smaller Traditional styles use less material, they cost less, too. And some styles have no overlay at all. "Inset" doors and headers fit flush with the cabinet's frame for a completely different look. Learn all about inset cabinetry here.
Drawer header choices
Drawer headers
Most Showplace door styles give you some choices for drawer headers. All styles have a standard header which is usually a slab header with the appropriate edge treatment for the door style. On many styles you can also choose the slant/raised header or an upgrade five-piece drawer header. On larger drawer openings the five-piece header can have a raised panel. Applied-molding, beaded, and mitered door styles also have upgrade header options appropriate to each style. Sound complicated? It can seem so at first. But this also gives you lots of design freedom.
Combining styles
The Hillcrest, Oxford and Freeport door styles are designed to be used on wall cabinets and vanities, with Covington or Breckenridge styles used for base cabinets.
Combining styles
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